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What's in a Bierbox?

Each Bierbox contains a recipe from one of our award winning homebrewers, and all the ingredients that you will need to brew. All of which are conveniently shipped to your doorstep.

The Recipe

Each recipe is developed and tested in our homebrew lab. We provide step by step instructions that are easy to follow and easy to understand.

Liquid Malt Extract

Liquid malt extract is malted barley in a syrup form. The sugars from the malted barley are what eventually turn into alcohol.


Hops add bittering properties to your beer, and balance the sweetness that accompanies the malted barley. Often times recipes include hops for aroma as well.


Yeast is maybe the most important ingredient. Without yeast to convert the sugar from the malted barley into alcohol you’ll end up with a non-alcoholic, bitter, sugary drink. Yuck.

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Recipes Crafted for Homebrewers by Homebrewers

Dailey Crafton, Homebrewer

Dailey is a rootin’ tootin’ gun-slinger of a designer/art director/creative director/homebrewer. With 10+ years of design experience and an award-winning farmhouse ale under his belt, Dailey is the perfect combo of design and beer. He has executed logo design, branding, farmhouse ales, poster design, pale ales, promo materials, web design, UI design, publication design, amber ales & blonde ales with aplomb.

Favorite Beers: Yonkers Vienna Lager, Captain Lawrence Palate Shifter IIPA, Yonkers Irish Red Ale.

Joey Dehnert, Homebrewer

Joey has been brewing for 7 years. He split time growing up in two of the richest beer regions in America, San Diego and Oregon, and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. He has a soft spot in his heart for big west coast flavors, but leans towards crafting recipes that are more balanced than palate busting. He also is a programmer and a rock climber.

Favorite beers: Ninkasi Total Domination (IPA) Eugene, OR, Modern Times Oneida (Hoppy Pale Session Ale) San Diego, CA, Transient Brewing Walk Away IPA (IPA) Brooklyn, NY

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